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An Orientation Meeting, Held for Freshmen from Sino-south Korean program, by Teachers of Woosong Information University

On the afternoon of August 25, 2017, an orientation meeting was held by professors of Woosong Information University for 20 WHUES students in the 2015 program in Jewelry design and technique who were provided with individualized guidance and help. Also attended this orientation were two teachers from Woosong Information University: Ms,Shen Yingai in Department of Visa, Ms. Li Shanshan in Department of International Student Dormitory,


This orientation meeting was chaired by Mr. Li Wei from the China Section under Department of International Exchange. Professor Zheng Xiangzhi, President of Woosong Information University attended the meeting and presented a welcome speech to the WHUES students who just arrived at the university. He expressed his sincere wish that all the students at the meeting should work hard in their future learning period and live a healthy life here at the university. At the same time, WHUES students here in south Korea, he pointed out, should not only increase their talents in academic study, but also observe and experience the gradual development in the Sion-South Korean exchange in different aspects. All the students today should learn more knowledge, skills and culture at the Woosong Information University, the president hoped, attempting to turn themselves into eligible world citizens.


After that, Ms. Shen Yingai in the Department of Visa presented a detailed information about registration form for foreigners who are staying in South Korea. The freshmen should be cautious in making friends, keep well all the important documents and identification cards without any leaks to strangers, and master proficiently all the basic safety knowledge. The students should adapt themselves to surrounding environments, and focus on their learning tasks, a final purpose for all the students coming to South Korea. In addition, Ms. Li Shanshan popularized all the regulations in dormitory safety and require all the students to abide by the rules of international student dormitory.


    Finally, Mr. Li Wei presented his hope that the freshmen should widen their horizon of study and life at Woosong Information University and stick to their learning purpose and learning tasks.

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