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Leaders from Woosong Information University Visited WHUES for Academic Exchange

On May 26, 2017, Professor Zheng Xhixiang, President of Woosong Information University in South Korea, Mr. Ju Jingmo, director of Department of China Exchange, Mr. An Bingwan, vice director of Department of China Exchange, and Professor Pu Zhonghao from Department of Precious Metal, all came to visit WHUES. They are warmly welcome by Professor Chen Xinwen, Party Secretary of the University’s Chinese Communist Party Committee; Mr. Wang Qifan, Party Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party Branch of School of Gemmology, Wuhan University of Engineering Science; Ms. Zhang Juan, assistant to Dean of School of Gemmology; Ms. Zhao Huan, Dean of School of International Education; and Ms. Long Fangmin, Head of Youth League Committee of School of Gemmology. Professor Pu Zhonghao presented a gemological lecture to the students from gemology program at Meeting Room 311, Building of Students’ Affairs. This gemology lecture was chaired by Professor Bao Deqing, Dean of School of Gemmology.


Professor Pu Zhonghao first said hello in Korean language to all the students, evoking a burst of applause. The students from Sino-South Korean joint program gave a friendly greeting also in Korean language back to the professor. Professor Pu Zhonghao, in a friendly lecture, introduced the strength programs and mission of the Woosong Information University and some knowledge of precious metal. He encouraged the students from WHUES to pursue their further study in Woosong Information University and promised to present them quite different aspects of academic knowledge in Woosong.



At the lecture, the students from School of Gemmology presented their feedbacks and questions to Professor Pu Zhonghao. Mr. Zhang Yuzhu, a student audience showing much interest in grinding skill, would like to know more about the difference in jewelry manufacturing between China and South Koreaand was well responded by Professor Pu Zhonghao. As to the question of whether there is any safety risk in the application of gas to the jewelry manufacturing procedure, Professor Pu Zhonghao promised absolute safety, since these manufacturing tools are fine tuned by professional technicians. In terms of the spoon-feeding teaching style raised by Mr. Shi Yang, also a student audience, Professor Pu Zhonghao responded that in his university, every professor will join the students to start a classroom project, trying to find students’ strength. Then in the following class, the professor will readjust his or her course schedule to give a full play to the potential of each student. 




At the end of the lecture, the students gave Professor Pu Zhonghao a round of applauses and sent him a bunch of fresh flowers for his excellent speech. All the audience in the room came before the platform to have a group photo taken with the Woosong teachers.  

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