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Chris Moore, International Executive Member of Boards of Directors of Massey University, Visited WHUES

On the morning of April 21, 2017, Chris Moore, international executive member of boards of directors of Massey University, and his fellows visited WHUES. Professor Wang Dianhong, President of WHUES, met these friends from Massey University on behalf of WHUES at a meeting room of Classroom Teaching Building 3. Also attended the meeting Mr. Guo Jianli, deputy office director of Beijing North Investment Group, and deputy office director of Department of Students’ Affairs and International Exchange, North International University Alliance, Ms. Bai Shuang, office staff, Ms. Qian Hua, director of Department of Enrollment and Employment of WHUES, Ms. Hu Jingjing, standing deputy director of Department of Educational Affairs of WHUES, and Ms. Zhao Huan, deputy director of School of International Education.       





The meeting was chaired by Professor Cheng Xinwen, Party Secretary and Vice President of WUHES, who expressed his warm welcome to all the friends coming to this meeting and introduced these guests to his fellow colleagues.


Professor Wang Dianhong introduced to the friends from Massey University the general information upon EHUES, and expounded in detail the history of UHUES, the advantage of North International University Alliance that WHUES supporting the management of WHUES, the academic programs, talent training and international exchange of WHUES. Professor Wang, showing at the meeting his sincere hope for the cooperation with Massey University. More collaborations between bilateral advantages are needed to expand more space for both parties to have a multi-level and multi-field cooperation and to establish more joint programs for internationalization and diversity of university education.


Chris Moore showed his deep gratitude to the warm welcome he received at EHUES. He presented a detailed introduction to recent new developments of the Massey University which has already established friendly sister relationship with many famous Chinese university such as Shanghai Jiaotong University, Wuhan University, Jiangxi finance University, and Canard College, Beijing Technology and Business University. For the past several years, several joint programs between Massey University and Chinese universities have worked out effectively, especially laying a solid academic foundation for students, and equipping students, in terms of humanitarian care, with their independent learning spirit and their boundless interests in exploring the natural world around them. He showed his confidence that Massey University has attached more importance to the cooperation and exchange with WHUES, hoping that a sister cooperation relationship could be created between the two universities, and that more students from WHUES are welcome to Massey University for their academic exchange and further study. The three campuses of Massey University are told to have a complete series of educational facilities, to offer dormitories and apartments to international students, and to provide the students from WHUES with high-quality academic education and comfortable living environment.


Professor Cheng Xinwen expressed our university’s willingness to cooperate with Massey University in creating a joint program for students of both universities. It was hoped that the talks between the two parties would optimize the working procedure for the students of WHUES to further their study at Massey University. During the talks, both parties devoted a deep discussion on such issues as approaches to academic exchange cooperation between the two universities, and two joint programs: “3+1+1.5 program (three years at WHUES and 2.5 years at Massey University)” ranging from bachelor’s degree to master’s degree, and “3+1 program (three years at WHUES and 1 year at Massey University)” only for Bachelor’s degree.

For the past several years, Wuhan University of Engineering Science dedicated to international exchanges, in particular, to creating more channels for international education, has established sister relationships with more than 10 world-known universities in Canada, UK, USA and South Korea, offering several overseas programs ranging from short-term exchange student program, to three-year community college to bachelor’s program, and up to bachelor’s to master’s program. Since 2015, over 200 students from WHUES have been sent to these sister universities for their academic exchange and study. 


Massey University in New Zealand

Massey University (Māori:‘TeKunengaki Pūrehuroa’which means lifelong learning), the largest university in New Zealand stablished in 1927, has nearly 36,000 students enrolled on three main campuses.

The main campus of Massey University is composed of Turitea campus in City of Palmerston North (which is famous for its woods and parks) and Hokowhitu campus (which is close to the Manawatu River, the widest river on the side of New Zealand within the urban area of Palmerston North). The Albany Campus, located on the north shore of New Zealand’s largest city – Auckland. The campus grounds are peaceful with many native trees and plants and spacious parking lots. In addition, there are free campus buses running regular routes between different campuses within Albany, yet it’s only a 10-minute walk to the expansive Westfield shopping center with its movie theatres, shops, restaurants and numerous fast food outlets. The Wellington campus in New Zealands capital city is centrally located near the citys artistic and entertainment quarters of Cuba Street and Courtenay Place in the heart of Wellington.


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