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Nick Stember, Tutor of North American Campus of North International University Alliance, Visited Our University for His Guidance


On October 31, 2017, Nick, a tutor from Canadian campus, came to our university for his guidance for introduction of international students to our university for their further learning.   




On the morning of September 1,2017, Nick discussed with all the staff of School of International Education how to introduce international students to WHUES for their further study. At the meeting, Nick presented a detailed work procedure for the introduction of international students to WHUES from North American campus of North International University Alliance, and shared his experience in the organization of summer learning tour by UK university students to Kede College of Capital Normal University in Beijing.




After the discussion, Nick, accompanied by Ms. Zhao Huan, vice dean of International Educational University, visited both the Jewelry Exhibition Hall and the Students’ Graduation Designed Products. Then, he joined Cui Hongwei, standing vice dean of School of Arts and Mass Media, and Li Yi, Party secretary of the school for their further cooperation in the introduction of the Canadian arts students to WHUES for their further academic exchange. “We should not only send our students to overseas classroom on Canadian campus, but also we should invite international students to China, to our WHUES,” Professor Cui expressed his sincere wish. “Arts has no national bounds. International academic exchange and cooperation will promote both students’ professional development and teachers’ educational skill, approaching the internationalization goal of our university.


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