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Two-Week Program

Open Class for Experiencing Chinese Culture — Exchange Student ProgramTwo Weeks


This open class, centering around the personal experience of Chinese culture, is classified as five modules: experiencing, learning, practicing, exchanging, and touring.

1.      Experiencing Chinese culture: Welcome to Wuhan, a central city of the middle part of China, a 3500-year historical and cultural famous city in China, and also one of the birthplaces of Chinese Chu culture. In your personal experience of Chinese culture, you will ascend the Yellow Crane Tower, visit the Hubei Museum, walk into traditional Chinese villages, experiencing non-material cultural heritage, understanding Chinese culture, Yangtze River civilization, and Hubei cultural style.

2.      Learning practical Chinese: The international students will learn different aspects traditional Chinese culture, for examples, traditional Chinese calligraphy and tea culture. In addition, the students also learn commonly-used Chinese, and finish the following four tasks: trying a Chinese name, learning a Chinese ancient poem, singing a Chinese song, and writing a Chinese antithetical couplet. The international students in this program may finish a group task in Chinese while waking into ordinary Chinese apartments and houses, and touring around the residential areas.

3.      Practicing Chinese teaching style: The international students will walk into Chinese university classroom, experiencing Chinese practice of English teaching. They will join Chinese English teachers from both College English and English major teaching and research sections to complete a English teaching research project, promoting the change in Chinese classroom teaching. They will also visit those enterprises that have joint training programs with WHUES, visit those middle schools that are the source of WHUES freshmen in order to strengthen the Sino-foreign exchange and explore more possibilities of Sino-foreign cooperation.     

4.      Exchanging between Chinese and foreign cultures: In Wuhan, every international student attending this program will be joined by a Chinese student volunteer who will offer one-to-one guidance for the international student to have a better experience in Wuhan and to have a further understanding of Chinese people and Chinese culture. At WHUES, an Australian Cultural Festival will be held for the international students to understand China and also to be provided with a platform to introduce and show their own culture.

5.      Touring around Wuhan, a painted landscape in the middle part of China: The international students will travel from Wuhan to her neighboring cities for them to understand the history and geography of Hubei Province, the urban landmark buildings, tourist spots, and eye-catching grand river, grand lakes and grand Wuhan. This tour will equip you with personal experience of the places of historic figures and cultural heritage that are home only to Hubei talents.


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