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Principal Speech

Principal Speech


At first I would like to express my sincere gratitude to people from all walks of life who have for a long time showed their concern and support for the construction and development of Wuhan University of Engineering Science! I would also like to extend my heart-felt respect for all the teachers and administrative staff in my university who have worked diligently for their contribution to the success of this university! In addition, I would like to extend my cordial greetings to all the alumni who have pursued their dreams across the whole China. Finally, I would like to extend my warm welcome to all the students in our university who are now attending their courses and doing their researches for their beaming goals!


A young and energetic university  This university, established in 2004 following the trend of both the reform of Chinese higher education and the innovation of Chinese management system of higher education institutions, has experienced an arduous and unusual development. In 2014, Wuhan University of Engineering Science was approved to be a provincial higher education institution after her independence from China University of Geosciences. In September of the same year, this engineering university won the competition for the one of the first exemplary application-oriented higher education institutions in Hubei Province.  Both her “independence from China University of Geosciences” and her “transformation from theory-oriented to application-oriented educational framework” can be viewed as an milestone of the development and an important indicator of rapid growth of this young and energetic university.


A university with sharper academic competitive edge  This university is proud of her complete series of educational programs from four-year undergraduate programs to three-year community college programs, from continuing education programs to international education programs, from professional skill training to career quality training. A complete professional structural system majoring in engineering has been created to promote coordinated development of multi-academic disciplines of engineeringmanagement, arts, literature and economics. The engineering programs such as geology and construction engineering program and information and electro-mechanic program have produced a sharper academic competitive edge in talent training.


A university with her specific educational mission  This university pursues her ideal of “students as foundation” and “scholars as priority”. In terms of students as foundation, we should respect and guide our students’ personality, individuality and pursuit, that is, we should create for our students a platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. In terms of scholars as priority, we should place the construction of academic forces in a priority position, that is, we should respect the creative labor by our teachers and establish a platform to serve them, offering much needed help in their academic progress. Our teachers are thus characterized by excellent moral standard and down-to-earth teaching style, and also by double qualities of theory and practice, that is, by their solid academic knowledge coupled with their knowledge-related practical experience. On the basis of a wide range of academic knowledge, our professors place more emphasis on details of their knowledge framework, serving the present industrial and technological transformation and implementing the basic mission of Wuhan University of Engineering Science.


A university with her own educational vision This university is now implementing a development strategy in three steps: all-round transformation, quality improvement and top-ranking engineering university. In this way, our university, struggling for a top-ranking private-owned university in China, will turn into a training center of engineers, a cradle of designers, a experimental platform for entrepreneurship. For this educational goal, we will never forget why we started, and our mission can thus be accomplished.

A brilliant and beautiful tomorrow is closer and closer to Wuhan University of Engineering Science! 


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