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Jewelry Technique and Identification Sino-South Korean Joint Program

Jewelry Technique and identification (three-year community college program), a joint program by WHUES and Woosong Information Universitywas authorized in 2014 by Hubei Bureau of Education, China. The program started to enroll students from 2015. At the end of the first two years of the program, the students, required to complete and pass all the required courses in WHUES, may be granted a certificate of graduation from their community college program issued by WHUES. In the third year, the students may choose to further their study in South Korea. After theses students complete and pass all the required courses in South Korea, they may be granted a certificate of associate’s degree issued by Woosong Information University. 


Training Objective

This program is to cultivate, in an international standardized learning environment, an undergraduate into an application-oriented talent with fine comprehensive quality, entrepreneurship spirit, and international vision, who can be engaged, with modern scientific knowledge, jewelry design, jewelry technique and skill, and advanced scientific and technological tools, in jewelry design, gemstone style design, jewelry technique manufacturing and processing, jewelry identification, jewelry shop-window design, jewelry corporate image design.   


Major Courses

Computer assisted design, pattern design, fundamentals of gemstone, gemstone identification instruments and methods, artistic expression in visual communication design, jewelry design sketch, jewelry manufacturing technique, jewelry impregnation technique, gemstone cut design and processing, introduction to gemstone identification, gemstone treatment and synthetic gemstone, jewelry appraisal, jewelry photography, and jewelry marketing.

WHUES offers Korean language courses to the students in the joint program, so that these students may overcome language barriers to have themselves well adapted to the learning environment in South Korea in the third year.






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