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         February 2004 experienced the establishment of Wuhan University of Engineering Science, originating from Jiangcheng College, China University of Geosciences, a full-time undergraduate higher education institution authorized by Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. In May 2014, the Jiangcheng College, China University of Geosciences was officially renamed Wuhan University of Engineering Science, due to her independence from China University of Geosciences, under the approval of Ministry of Education, People’s Republic of China. In September 2014, the present university won the competition for one of the first model universities in Hubei Province for training the application-oriented talents with bachelor’s degrees.  

        Wuhan University of Engineering Science, located at the foot of Qinglong Hill presenting natural scenic views, in Jiangxia District of Wuhan City, covering an area of over 200 acres, exhibits her splendid natural campus and profound academic atmosphere. The engineering university is made up of 10 major schools and 1 department — Engineering School, Machine and Electronic Information School, Economics and Management School, Foreign languages School, Gemology School, Arts and Mass Media School, Aviation School, International Education School, Continuing Education School, Entrepreneurship and Innovation School, and Department of Foundation Courses. All these academic units offer 35 four-year undergraduate programs covering such 6 major academic disciplines as geology, gemology and material technique, presenting to our students a complete professional structural system majoring in engineering attempting to promote coordinated development of multi-academic disciplines of engineeringmanagement, arts, literature and economics. Wuhan University of Engineering Science, branded by geology and gemology undergraduate programs, enrolls more than 12,000 students and assembles over 700 full-time teachers, more than 300 of whom are professors and over 200 of whom have practical working experience related to their academic disciplines.

        The Wuhan University of Engineering Science has already built 8 experimental centers (containing 81 laboratories) inside campus area, and 128 practice training centers outside campus. The university library houses 1.14 million books, accommodates modern electronic reading rooms with 3,000 seats, introduces such domestic large-sized famous electronic literature databases as CNKI China National Knowledge Infrastructure),VIPERDUXIU. In addition, a complete series of sports facilities are available to the students and teachers, for examples, standardized basketball fields, football field and ground track field. The supermarkets and canteens inside campus area offer to the student excellent life quality and convenience store service.         

        Wuhan University of Engineering Science has annually increased her investments in educational reforms and scientific researches, promoting the educational quality and overall university strength — 1 heavily-invested academic discipline listed as one of Twelfth Five-year plan for Hubei province, 2 heavily-invested undergraduate programs in Hubei Province, 3 talent-training programs for emerging (pillar) industry of national strategic importance within Hubei higher educational institutions, and 1 model university course at provincial level. The students from our university have annually won many awards and prizes in national and provincial competitions. Since 2010, our students have received national competition awards for 603 times and provincial ones for 913 times. In particular, one student has won the honorary title of “May 4th Prize for Hubei Youth” and one teacher was rewarded with the honorary title of “May 1st Labor Prize for Hubei Citizen”. For the past several years, the quality of our students’ graduation theses (design) has risen to a much higher level, as evidenced by an annual ranking of several top quality bachelor’s theses at provincial level, a placement within top universities of our same kind.                    

        A characteristic educational strength is more and more protruded from long-term management of our university. The branded undergraduate programs of “geology and gemology” are closely associated with our long-term background in geological industry. The training of application-oriented talents with strong competition spirit adheres to the following two training models: 1. “new talent training model integrated with four aspects of education: academic education, career education, innovation and entrepreneurship education, and integrated citizen-level personal quality education with academic education as a core and also featured by more than one training unit: from our university alone to several such training units as university, government, industry, and enterprises. 2. peer mentoring program, a college student self-education and self-management training model. At present, our university accommodates Innovation and Entrepreneurship School responsible for the training and instruction of students in employment and entrepreneurship education, for the management of a platform for cooperation between university and enterprise, and for the training of employees and students in the improvement of their personal integrated skills. The Continuing Education School in our university offers such career-skill, job and professional qualification training programs as Gemological Identification Certificate issued by Gemological Institute of China University of Geosciences, five building career-skill certificates for budgeting, construction, quality inspection, safety inspection, and material distribution, and Certificate of Accounting Profession. Up to now, over 20,000 students have benefited from these certificate training programs. Wuhan University of Engineering Science is still attempting to create more innovation training models integrating government and enterprise forces on the basis of our present over 200 agreements of cooperation between university and enterprises. Students are tutored in their graduation practice and theses by both university teachers and enterprise professionals. The “enterprise manager” training program has integrated the resources from government, enterprises and university, creating a new talent-training platform for industry, university and researches and raising to a higher level our students’ ability in innovation and entrepreneurship.

        For the past 13 years, our university has received many important national and provincial awards and prizes such as “Advanced Grass-root Unit in University Student Moral and Political Instruction in Hubei Province”, “Advanced Unit in University Art Education”, “Peaceful Campus”, “China’s Top-level Private-owned University”, “China’s Most Influential Branded Private-owned University”, “China’s Most Powerful Private-owned University” and “China’s Most Famous Private-owned University”.

        The past 13-year development and accumulation has gradually clarified the university’s development strategy and mission. Standing on the new point of “transformation and development” of our university, we still adhere to our university motto: Follow moral standard and love our community, persist in innovation and work steadily toward our goal”. Wuhan University of Engineering Science is attempting to equip our students with social responsibility and competitive edge, flexibility to the changing needs of industry and regional economic and social development, and a firm goal of turning into high-quality application-oriented talents equipped with solid academic foundation, innovation and entrepreneurship. Wuhan University of Engineering Science will better serve regional economy and society by insisting in the orientation toward social and industrial needs, improving educational quality and increasing university strength through her sharper competitive edge. 



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