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School of Arts Mass Media
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Art Design
School of Arts Mass Media

School of Arts and Mass Media



School of Arts and Communication is one of the latest school at Wuhan University of Engineering Science with very unique characteristics and innovative style in the central China region. The school offers six undergraduate programs including Radio and Television, Broadcasting, Environment Design, Visual Communication Design and specialist professions including Art Design (environment design direction and visual communication design).


The school has professional studios, designing workshop and all kinds of labs for Image collection and, non-linear editing, image acquisition, image output, Ring arts model and digital art labs and other six major categories. The school also owns more than 20 off-campus teaching practice bases.


The major goal of School of Arts and Communication is firstly to train high-quality, innovative graduates with practical skills who can be leaders in this field who can impact the industry with their professional influence; and secondly to build our reputation among the same types of colleges in China with good teaching conditions, unique specialized professions, advanced teaching management, strong teaching staff and high teaching quality.  


Address : 8 Xiongtingbi street,Jiangxia,Wuhan,Hubei,China,430200
Tel : 027-81820798
School of International Education,Wuhan University Of Engineeing Science