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Engineering School


Aiming at educating technical talents in Geosciences and Engineering, Engineering School offers five undergraduate programs including Civil Engineering, Surveying Engineering, Geology, Exploration Engineering of Mineral Resources, Exploration Technology and Engineering, and a specialist professional program, namely Architectural Engineering Technology. These are popular programs catering to the economic development in a modern China.


The school has a professional teaching faculty led by 19 professors with profound knowledge and experience with state of the art teaching facilities. We also have a number of field practice training bases, such as Mau town (the new town of Zigui) which is located in the west of the world-famous Three Gorges Dam, Huangshi geological teaching practice base and other research bases jointly run with several schools and enterprises in the vicinity of Wuhan Cityproviding excellent conditions to foster and improve students practical experience.


The school focuses on students’ professional training, and emphasizes their sound personal growth by fostering the students’ morality and ethics as the foundation of education. Counselors are students’ mentors and role models in moral character and daily life. Students are encouraged to participate in a variety of extracurricular activities and competitions both on and off campus.


Graduate employment rate remains about 95%, of which the ratio of graduates in geology, exploration projects is more than 20%.

Address : 8 Xiongtingbi street,Jiangxia,Wuhan,Hubei,China,430200
Tel : 027-81820798
School of International Education,Wuhan University Of Engineeing Science